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Are you a business owner?

Do you have a dog-friendly or dog related business and want to be found on Dogsyard? Are you a vet? Maybe a dog groomer?

Add your business and enjoy all the benefits that we offer!

How it works


The registration process is very simple and fast. Your Dogsyard login information (your username and your password) will be sent to your email address. Use this login information to access your dashboard.

You’ll be creating, rating/reviewing or saving you favorite listings in no time!


Submitting a listing using Dogsyard is simple.

Select an appropriate membership plan, then decide on category, give it a good description and tell where you are located or how you can be contacted.


Your listing has to be dog-friendly or dog related and will be published after approval by our admin (Usually within 24h period).


What are the benefits of having your business on Dogsyard?

✅ Your own trendy page

Want to stand out amongst your competition? Upload photos, use autocomplete feature for entering an address, enter exact location by clicking on the map, or by entering the latitude & longitude, talk about your services, enter your business hours, contact information and links to your social profiles. Everything you need is here to advertise your dog-friendly or dog related business.

Be first to see what members of the public say about your business. Build closer relationships with them by responding to their reviews or comments.

✅ Right exposure

By adding your business to our database, you will get visibility and ranking both on our website and on all national and international search engines.

✅ New clients

Dogsyard has advanced search options that allows potential clients to find business of their choice quickly. Clients will find exactly what they are looking for and you will expand your client base.